Can you imagine being immersed in candlelight, soft relaxation music playing, dim lights,aromatherapy filling the air and the wonderful feeling of two, yes two practitioners massaging your body at the same time?

tandem massageIt is an amazing feeling having a massage but when you have two or more practitioners working on you at the same time the experience heightens to a whole new level of stress and tension release, relaxation, healing and the body feeling completely taken care of.
The practitioners will work in sync as they massage your body lulling you with deep rhythmic moves that allow you to completely relax. You have the choice of doing a tandem relaxation massage. A tandemn energy / chakra balancing massage or a combination of one practitioner doing relaxation massage while the other practitioner is doing a chakra/energy session. Truly an experience you won’t forget!

Tandem Massage

Two Practitioners doing Massage
1 hr/$225   1.5 hr/$325    2 hrs/$359

Tandem Energy Chakra Balancing

Two Practitioners Balancing your Chakras
1 hr/$245   1.5 hr/$345   2 hrs/$389

Tandem Massage & Chakra Balancing

One Practitioner Massaging and One Balancing your Chakras
1 hr/$245   1.5 hr/$345   2 hrs/$389

Additional practitioners available for $125/hr. You can have up to 5 working on your body at one time.

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  • Real Results

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  • Anti-Aging Facial

    This amazing Neora Skincare is available for purchase or demonstration at the Metropolitan Relaxation Studio. Simply call our Reservation Agent to make a time to come in and we can take care of you.

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