This amazing team is dedicated to your health, well being and happiness. All of these special people have the skills and knowledge, having honed their craft, to be able to treat you with the best treatment that you need at the time. Please note that not all practitioners work on the same days and evenings. Of course, we will do our best to line up your session with the practitioner that you feel most comfortable with so please tell your booking agent whom you feel you would like to see and we will do our best to accommodate you. Thank you for choosing Metropolitan Relaxation for your health and relaxation needs.


Deborah Drummond


Laura Moffat


Samaya Ryane





Liza Ulrych


NaRai Dawn


bio-deborahDeborah Drummond

Deborah has been in the holistic field of health-care since the late 1980′s. Her extensive desire to work with people with regard to the mind, body and spirit philosophy has led her into the work she is now accomplishing. Deborah holds certification in Aromatherapy from Beginners to Advanced, and covers specific areas such as cancer, AIDS, the immune system and the internal organs. She also holds certifications in the many modalities of massage, including Holistic Bodywork, Lymphatic Drainage, Ayurvedic Stone, Shiradara, Cross Fibre, Chakra and infant Massage. She has personally worked on over 28,000 clients in the area of massage. Deborah has studied and been certified in many levels of Ayurvedic medicine. Deborah Drummond was born and raised in Vancouver. She is a true Vancouverite. She loves the West Coast feel and the healthy lifestyle of her city. Deborah enjoys the friendships she has made with her clients over almost 30 years. She particularly enjoys spending time with her two favorite people: her beautiful daughter, Chloae, and her amazing son, Ocean.

“Deb’s treatments are always a treat. I’ve seen lots of different massage practitioners over the years, and I’ve never had such deep work performed so gently. More importantly, Deb tunes in and listens to me – if I want simple bliss, or real work, she always strikes the right note between the two and I leave feeling ‘released’!” – D. Cambiotti, Coquitlam

“Deborah’s years of experience, skill and love for her work shine through whenever I walk into her beautiful studio. She is a gifted healer and I recommend her to anyone who is looking for an authentic healing experience.” – Cloe A. Vancouver

“Metropolitan Relation Studio is unique in its quality of customizing therapeutic sessions to your needs and requirements. Deborah can create an a experience made just for you. One session was customized for a more happier beneficial experience and after the session and all day long I felt very positive, happy and just more alive. Being a professional accountant and having clients in the Greater Vancouver Area and Cariboo Region I deal with a lot of travel and time restraints and Deborah knows how to make me feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated again. I highly recommend Metropolitan to anyone. Deborah and the rest of her staff is worth giving a try over and over again!” – Yvonne DeVeau CMA

“Deb has created a sacred sanctuary in the midst of the city. From the moment you walk through the front door, you are greeted with sincere warmth and hospitality that is unsurpassed. The senses are filled with serenity through wonderful aromas, warm soothing music, and a visual presence of peace and tranquillity. It is the perfect way to rest and rejuvenate so you can do whatever it is that you do, but even better.” – Jennifer “Deborah is one of the most talented people I have ever met. I love the (Shirodhara) massage. It is so relaxing. The “after” benefits are amazing as well. I felt so stress free. I especially like all the wonderful aromatherapy smells in Metropolitan s studio. It is clean and fresh. If you have not had a massage I would highly recommend booking one. Once you have had one you will go back for more.” – Rowena List, Professional Organizer and Speaker Vancouver BC

laura 05-14Laura Moffat

Laura was born and raised in Vancouver and has lived here all her life. She has worn many hats during her working career, and is grateful that she was able to pursue massage and wellness because of change in circumstances, a definite case of a cloud with a silver lining.

Laura has been working as a massage practitioner for 5 years, and truly enjoys her work more every day. She is passionate about the positive effects of massage on the body, mind, and soul. Laura has certifications in various modalities of massage and alternative healing, including Lymphatic Drainage, Ayurvedic hot oil, Shiatsu, Therapeutic Touch, Indian Head Massage, and is dedicated to continuing professional development. She can provide an invigorating sports massage for fatigued, sore muscles post-workout. Or she can work with you on relieving stress and tension-related headaches and help you forget about life stresses with a relaxation focused treatment.

Laura is excited to be at Metropolitan with all the various treatments, where there truly is something for everyone. She encourages everyone to try massage at least once, so they can decide for themselves if it’s something that can help them become healthier and be a positive addition to their regular self-care.

bio-samayaSamaya Ryane

European-born from Latvian parents, Samaya, speaks English best, German second and high school  French.
Being brought up in a household where there was not much touch, she has made up for it in the last seven years, with her massage and healing work.
This is grounded on a foundation of many years of soul searching and finding, personal growth work, psychic development training, shamanic studies and yoga teacher certification.
Her healing modalities include Swedish massage, Shiatsu, Lymphatic drainage massage, various Spa treatments, Polarity therapy, Chakra and Aura reading and clearing, Reiki and Reflexology.
Samaya also knows what it is like to have a busy career, having founded and published healing journal, Shared Vision Magazine in Vancouver for 11 years. After each of the 160 issues went to press, she collapsed on a massage table, surrendered totally to the healing process and renewed herself for the next issue.
Her best loved activities include cycling, yoga, being in nature, creating healthy meals, spoiling her clients, having fun and good laughs, and spending time with her beau, friends and family (not always in that order).
She values very much the whole body/mind/spirit equation with each person and does her best to be mind-less, so as to be as fully present as possible with her clients. As she says, “Some people call the body a temple, let me treat yours that way.”


“You have amazing hands. I’ve slept like a baby…a good baby, not the crying one!” – Suzy, masseuse

“The massage you graced me with has lingered longer than any massage I have had. Your intuitive hands sought out little trouble spots that are champion hiders and pummeled them into the ether. And they stroked away spaces in my mind too, that needed nudging.” – Laura, dental hygienist

“I have had many massages in the past, but Samaya’s attention to every detail of the environment and my comfort was unprecedented. After my session, I floated home with every part of my body humming!” – Barb, business owner

“I have never been so deeply relaxed in all of my 60 years as during and after my  massages with Samaya”. – Gary, entrepreneur

“Everything felt amazing!”  – Pierre on his 15th birthday

“For all the years the tables were reversed and I placed my hands upon you as my client, your intuitive and nurturing gifts have far surpassed  any other colleague during my former 18 years in the industry. Your powers of intention, observation and compassion truly make for an extraordinarily pure healing experience. You are the selfless givingness of Spirit and I thank you.” – Reverend Nadene, pastor

“Since the treatment I feel so calm and accepting, so comfortable.” – Jan, administrative assistant

“Samaya’s hands exude goodness as she works. Her touch is confident yet honouring and respectful. She is very receptive to guidance and able to respond to the need for deeper or gentler works. Samaya works with expansive intuitive energy that streams through her hands and takes us both into our stillness and aliveness. Her work embraces both the needs of the body and spirit with tremendous acceptance.” – Patricia, M.Ed, RCC 

“I’ve traveled the world and had massages in some of the finest hotels and spas in France, China, Vietnam, Spain, Mexico, Fiji, Dubai….to name a few, as well as around the coastal states. I just returned from working in Afghanistan and my body has been in very bad condition. I’ve had great massages but feel that my most recent experience with Samaya has been the best. She will touch and heal your body as you have never felt before. I believe that she has a wonderful gift for healing. She has great energy, draws out negative emotion, and replaces it with warmth and light. The level of relaxation and euphoric afterglow I felt after was the highest I ever felt after a massage. I also felt very energized the day following the massage—as though all the toxins and blockages were released from my being. An experience that I will always remember—mind, body and soul.” – Marlyse, Special Forces.



Michelle is a gifted intuitive. She is kind, gentle and loving and being in her presence will give you a sense of safety and comfort as she is incredibly empathic and has a calming demeanor which puts a person at ease. She sets the intention of ‘listening’ to what the client has to say so that she is able to give the client what they need at that time. Michelle has a deep connection to holistic therapy, she has a knowingness, an intuition that comes through strongly. She is able to connect with the body and know the areas of pain, tension or discomfort without having to be told.

Her intention is this work is to help those who are searching for clarity, answers, guidance and healing and to provide a relaxing and effective treatment so they may continue their day feeling relaxed, lighter and happy.

Michelle has been working as a massage practitioner since 2008 and has worked extensively with many clients throughout her work as a healer. She has extensive training in massage and is certified in energy healing, Reiki, Shamanism, crystal therapy, Tarot card readings, Chakra work and Angel communication. Her massage credentials include deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, thai stem massage and pregnancy massage.

Michelle is also a dancer and teaches progressive workshops at the Vancouver Burlesque Centre. She is one of the top Burlesque performers in Vancouver having performed in New York and Toronto. She is also creator and producer of her own monthly burlesque show. In 2010 Michelle won first place competition which flew her to Toronto to compete Internationally.


bio-lyza-webLiza Ulrych

Bringing meditation into one’s life is a blessing. Liza began practicing meditation twenty years ago and has trained with brilliant teachers who have taught her just how essential meditation is to cultivating a life which flows as peacefully as possible. The meditation Lyza carries forward to others involves deep breathing to a state of relaxation and learning to tune into what the highest part within is experiencing and communicating. The more we take time to cultivate this relationship with ourselves and the universal creative force, the better our lives become in every aspect. Our relationships in love, with family, friends and at work all benefit greatly from the peaceful guidance that comes with practicing. Liza will guide you into the meditation and help you to understamd the information that comes forth for you. Through meditation Lyza has had contact from her spirit guides and from loved ones who have crossed over and she understands the serenity and healing that can take place when we begin to understand that we do not walk alone in this life but are connected through ourselves to a place of great empowerment.

Meditation is an essential part of her journey as an actor, connecting to the deepest creative potential possible.

NariaNaRai Dawn

NaRai Dawn began her awakening path of healing when she was diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 20. Compelled through this experience, she began researching alternative methods of healing, nutrition and practices, which led her to gain a more holistic approach to life which she shares today with others.In addition to her healing work at Metropolitan, NaRai works with the Spectrum Society For Community Living, supporting people with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Mental Health and Acquired Brain Injuries.
Her creative talents are expressed through her singing and songwriting with the band Star Captains.


I’ve had some pretty great massages in my life, but nothing like this morning at Metropolitan – NaRai had that magic touch, that natural intuitive healing talent that is hard to find just anywhere. I started out here with a groupon, and will be a long time customer going forward. I look forward to attending some workshops too. Thank you!  ~Lea Cheverie / Vancouver BC

I got a lymphatic massage from NaRai. Actually two now:). I found that her confident and healing touch was comforting. I felt totally secure while she worked on me, her technique was firm, precise and effective. I felt great afterwards.  Being on the receiving end of NaRai’s work, I felt, as a fellow professional, she can keep people at ease with her nurturing spirit as well as make them feel great with her wonderful natural touch.

Anna Lisa ~Healer & Yoga Teacher

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