As we wish for you to have the best experience possible, we have a few facts to share with you about our studio and our services.


Closed: Christmas Day, Easter Sunday and New Year’s Eve.



When booking with a certificate, please note, you must print and bring a paper form of the certificate with you and it must be the same certificate number you gave to the booking agent when you made your appointment. We have a seven (7) day cancellation policy (see excerpt below). Upon arrival for your massage, at the exact time of your booking, you will be greeted at the front door of the building (please do not come early as the practitioner will be tending to the client before you). Our buzzer is disconnected because we do not like the buzzer sound to disturb our clients. When your certificate was purchased you did not pay taxes therefore we must collect the tax at your appointment. If your certificate is of a promotional or reduced rate nature then we collect the taxes in cash only, at the time of your appointment. Tips/gratuities can be paid at your discretion in any form of payment (see excerpt below for details).



Our address is: Suite 304 – 350 East 2nd Avenue (attention: some Google searches still show our former address on West 69th Avenue and this is incorrect. We are located two and a half blocks east of Main Street between Scotia and Brunswick The name of the building is Main Space – it is a large commercial loft cement building with red balconies. For those taking the Skytrain you would simply get off at the Main Street Skytrain Station, get onto the Main street bus, get off at 2nd Ave. and then walk east two and a half blocks. If you choose to walk from the station it can take between fifteen to twenty minutes. Parking is free, both in front of the building and across the street We do not have designated parking for the studio. The majority of our customers do not have challenges finding parking but as parking can not be quaranteed , please allow for ample time before your appointment. Parking signs indicate 1 hour parking, but to date this has never posed a problem (regarding tickets). Of course, construction in the area may affect ease of parking.Do not park on brunswick street on the corner of fifth and scotia as parking on that curved corner space has had saome people towed. The parking restriction sign is across the street and is not well placed by the city and may result in towing.



Kindly note that there is a seven (7) day cancellation policy on all bookings. If you do need to cancel within that 7 day period we will do our best to find a replacement for your booking time. If you are booking with a certificate you are able to transfer the certificate to anyone elses name at no charge. If you are cancelling and want to re-book with your certificate there is a $15.00 per hour (per booking) Fee: we have a re-booking fee because all practitioners have been prepaid for your booking. The re-booking fee will not apply if we are able to find a person to fill your spot.
Just to further clarify: our wonderful staff is commited to your appointmet in advance and have scheduled you in to their schedules (i.e., childcare, other appointments, etc.). As they commit to that appointment for you – we must offer the practitioner the same courtesy.



Many people have asked what the expected gratuity rate should be. It is very similar to the service industry standards of 10% to 15% on the regular price of the massage. It is not unusual for clients who have enjoyed their experience to leave 20% or more. Please note that tips/gratuities are at your discretion.



We are able to massage up to five people at the same time. The required booking is a minimum hour and a half. You are free to extend your booking to enjoy the space with food, drink, and relaxation. You may bring your own food and drink or we can organize it for you. You can book extra time for your party (ask us about our rates). Please note that there is a 50% deposit required for your party with a ten day cancellation policy.



We highly recommend additional booking time for your massage – what we mean by this is if you’ve ever had a massage before, when your session ends, most people hurry off as they realize that there is a another person coming for a massage, only giving themselves a few minutes to lie still before they get dressed. If you have ever had the opportunity to be able to stay on the massage table as long as your mind and body would like to, you’ve experienced one of the very best parts of your massage treatments. The after healing that happens, with the de-stressing that your body goes through in twenty to thirty minutes of lying still, is absolutely phenomenal. If you’ve ever allowed this to happen you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. You are able to book an additional half hour resting time for any treatment for $25.00. You may also opt after your massage session, to experience your resting time in water. We have a beautiful soaker tub that you can slip off the massage table and into. Your practitioner will draw your warm bath with bath salts, crystals, and aromatherapy essential oils allowing you to transition from your wonderful session to an aquatic release time. If you are not a bath person, you may opt to use this time to have a wonderful aromatic rain shower to complete this treatment Special additional promotional price per half hour is $25.00.



Some people ask if they should be not be wearing makeup for the facial. Don’t worry, if you are wearing makeup it will simply get removed with the beautiful hot aroma therapy compress.



Please let your aromatherapy practitioner know what kind of body wrap you would like (i.e., deep relaxation, sore muscles, weight loss, or stress relieving).You will be finishing your treatment with an aromatherapy rain shower – tell your practitioner prior to your treatment if you need extra time to spend some time to get ready (i.e. blowdry, flatiron, etc.) to go out after your session.



The focus around having this special form of treatment is to take you into a complete, deep relaxed state. Therefore it is very important to give yourself time after the massage to not rush back into your daily life.
SHIRODIRA: When having a Shirodira treatment your head will be completely covered in oil. It is highly recommended you leave this oil on until the next day. Please bring a head towel with you that you will be able to leave with (to keep your head covered). Should you choose to keep the oil on your head throughout the evening, you will want to cover your sheets/pillows with a protective covering. When you do wash your hair the easiest way to get the oil off is to cover your hair with shampoo PRIOR to getting your hair wet with water. You will find that you may need to completely wash your hair twice. This will also be applicable to the ABHYANGA Massage – if oil is applied to the hair.



For those of you who want more clear definitions of the Intuitive Services:
CHAKRA BALACING: Your session will start with a 7 to 10min head, neck and shoulder massage to get you relaxed and feeling like you can let go. Then your practitioner will start to open and clear your chakras with the use of energy work and high vibrational essential oils. As you have seven chakras in the body she will spend time cleaning and clearing, one by one. The intention of this treatment is to bring all seven chakras into alignment and to raise the vibration of those chakras as strong and clean as possible. For this particular session we highly recommend you booking for an hour and a half. This gives the practitioner the time they will need to clear the chakras as they open on their own accord. The extra time will also allow the practitioner to share with you any intuitive information that they are receiving through your chakras.
INTUITIVE READING: This session is highly recommended for people who want clear answers to particular questions they have. Questions about work relationships, life direction, or the next step you need to take in your career. These sessions are very helpful when you wish for clarity and guidance with regards to your future and the possible steps you can take to proceed to attain your goals. Many people also come to Deborah on a yearly basis for a forecast of what this next year holds in store for them and how best to navigate that.



This intuitive reading is done while you are relaxing on a massage table. As part of this session, you will receive a 7 to 10min aromatherapy head, neck and shoulder massage to help you relax. What happens in this session is that Deborah will share with you who your guides are, at this time, what they look like, what messages they bring, how long they’ve been with you, and how long they’ll stay. This session is more for people who want to know what they are being guided to do and what is coming up in their lives. In this session, based on time, you will be able to ask Deborah questions and she will ask the questions for you and channel the answers from your guides by creating a three-way form of communication.



To get the best results for any massage treatment that you are booking with us please read the following:
• The day that you are booking your massage is a day you are treating yourself to relaxation that you don’t always get to experience. In order to maximize your treatment’s effects:
• Give yourself ample time to make it to your appointment – the last thing you want to arrive at a massage appointment is in a stressed out state. So, allow for delays due to traffic, etc. and arrive calmer.
• Make sure you don’t arrive hungry. Eat an hour prior to your massage and try not to eat heavy food where your stomach will have to work hard at digesting. Something fresh, filling, but healthy is always best.
• Do not drink too much fluid prior to your massage so that you don’t have to get off the table during your treatment – it’s best to drink fluids after the treatment. If you are able to, after your massage experience – plan for some extra -me” time to sustain the relaxing effects of the massage. This would be the perfect time to enjoy being alone, or to go for a nice lunch with friends. The point being that the more you are able to give to yourself on your special day, the more positive your experience will be, and the more long lasting the treatment. Being a holistic relaxation studio we encourage you to acknowledge the mind, body, spirit connection philosophy.
• Once treated, follow the same principal of arriving unhurried, and leave without having to rush back to work. When you book your massage let us know if you’d like extra time to browse/shop for jewels, aromatherapy products, and more. Because we are a private studio we will need to exclusively book your time to shop.

Thank you for your patronage, we appreciated your business.

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