There are a lot of cool things about the studio that we have done to make our space super special and loving for clients that we’d like to share.
We have put a lot of love and energy into the intricate design details of our studio that are of special significance to our values and to what we do.
We particularly enjoy it when clients comment on the loving the feeling of the studio.
Part of it is the energy of us, the healers, and the other is the energy of the design and decor and the vastu of the studio itself.
Vastu is an East Indian (Ayurvedic) way of fung shui.
I always go through the studio and continually vastu the studi . It can be as little as moving a book a few inches or a table across the entire room.
Vastu makes for clean energy and provides a powerful healing flow in the studio.

The whole studio was designed by Deborah, who is the owner of the studio.
Deborah designed the studio with a feel of relaxation and healing.
It was also important to create the studio as environmentally sound as possible.
Deborah wanted to portray a distinct edge of modernism.
She didn’t want to duplicate the “common” look that is so regularly known, for example the spa look with fountains and bamboo.
Being a distinct private healing relaxation studio, she wanted to create an artistic environment with a modern vibe feeling.
There are many aspects of the studio that have added to the overall look and feel.
Deborah added many details to the studio that makes it feel like no other place you have been.

Let’s start with the beautiful restroom.
The sink has been created by design.
All of the elements, including the waterfall facet, the gorgeous yellow and orange glass sink bowl and the black lacquered table were purchased separately and an amazing designer put it together to make it the very hip sink that it is.
The tub was also put together piece by piece. From the wonderful black slate tiles to the unique sunken tub. On the outside of the tub, you see the wonderful turquoise pebbles which were part of a project created in Thailand to help people financially recover from the tsunami. They took polished stones and applied them into netting and then sold them. Deborah thought it would make a cool bathtub sleeve, so she hired a great team to apply it to the outside of the tub. She was right, it looks great! The shower was finished off with a wonderful rain shower head that feels amazing and is fantastic at saving energy.
You’ll notice some wonderful  “cork boards” that were carefully crafted by hand.

Deb is a dedicated community supporter, and when the 4-h club was selling picture frames to raise money, she jumped in and bought some. Then she had the frames painted and made into wonderful cork boards to use as ways to tell our clients what’s new and happening with Metropolitan.
Everywhere throughout the relaxation studio you will see wonderful items of importance, creativity and value.
From the restroom with its vintage glass jars filled with crystals or candy to the wonderful books of art history, hand carved wooden Buddhas or the hand blown cut crystal vases; there is always something wonderful things to please your eyes.

There are five wonderful colours of paint that were chosen to make sure the studio reflected the exact feeling of inner calmness. All the paints were chosen not only for their colours, but as well for the fact that they are all chemical free.
In making the studio reflective of a creative energy, Deborah hired many local and specialty artists to make a real impact in the studio.

There are many recognized artists pieces represented in the studio.
You’ll see wonderful pictures from all over the world, from places such as Paris and the Dominican Republic, as well as local artists such as Lucas Guadette represented on the walls of the Metropolitan Studio.

Deb made sure she used as many sustainable products as she could to add to the studios ambiance and overall functionality. She agreed to “try” something that her renovation designers had never done before, and that was to make all her counter tops hand made out of poured cement. Once the counters were made and set on the floor it actually took 4 men to lift them up and place them on the cupboards. They look great!
Also, the gorgeous table that all new clients’ sign in at once they come to the studio was refurbished from old wooden railroad tracks from the Philippines.
Amongst the vintage cabinets that hold the wonderful health products for sale for our clients and the eclectic choices of chairs to sit in, you will find that the details of fashion, functionality and environmental concern that Metropolitan Relaxation has heightened to make your experience one of uniqueness and comfort is both caring and personalized.


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