Message from Deb:

We will spend the first part of our time together doing a channelled reading. You can choose to find out psychic information about any area of your life. You can choose one or a multitude of  areas (career, business, romance, finances). We can go really deeply into one or into many and receive answers for you.

Then once you feel complete in your new found knowing, you’ll be wonderfully massaged in candlelight, listening to relaxation music and smelling beautiful aromatic oils that have been personally selected based on your needs and your reading. This is the time you get to let go and allow the intuitive session to integrate into your body, silently. Chimes and crystals will be included in your session as needed. Your body, mind and centre will feel deeply satisfied and complete, as we have stilled and answered the questions of the mind and have integrated the information into the body in a quiet form of relaxation massage.

Investment: $330


One of the most common feelings and benefits that clients say about this treatment is that they feel complete in all areas. They feel deeply satisfied and have lost any sense of worry about their future, and their body and mind feel aligned, relaxed and satisfied at the same time. It’s a feeling they have never experienced before. It’s like ALL of them feels “right” at the same time and it gives them  a deep sense of wholeness, safety and security.

About Deborah:

Deborah Drummond has been an intuitive and healer for over 30 years. Her healing arts practice has seen over 28,000 clients to date. She is the proud owner of Metropolitan Relaxation and Opal Intuitive Professional Services in Vancouver BC.

For questions or bookings please call 1-604-655-4698 or email


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