“I feel so much lighter”, “Never have I attracted so much business quickly”

“I feel very relaxed, peaceful”

“My mind is so calm; it feels so, so good”

“It feels like counselling without having to talk about it”, “I definitely noticed more clarity”

“I felt more energy in the day or 2 that followed”

“My neck pain has gone”

“I notice things faster, seem more aware”

“I had an increased sense of confidence”

“The healing contributed to some major breakthroughs”

“I feel more grounded”

“I feel so awesome, renewed, refreshed – with a new lease on everything I want to achieve”

“I felt someone cared about me”


“I started eating better, lost some cravings, started exercising”

“My willpower increase… I am starting to open up more, don’t feel as shut down”

“I feel myself handling stress better”

“I feel stronger, more confident”

“Moving to another country was extremely stressful and I was also prone to lower back pain but since having Alison massaging my back I have been able to manage the stress and relieve the pain.I look forward to the times that I get to treat myself ,my back is getting the much needed pampering it deserves and I am able relieve my stress by meditation.” – Cindy McCluskey

“I would like to thank you for a wonderful session of touch. I love your voice, your smile and the kind look in your eyes. Your touch, so intuitive the tension released from my body was truly remarkable. I am blessed and grateful to have met you.” – Anonymous

“Deb’s treatments are always a treat. I’ve seen lots of different massage practitioners over the years, and I’ve never had such deep work performed so gently. More importantly, Deb tunes in and listens to me – if I want simple bliss, or real work, she always strikes the right note between the two and I leave feeling ‘released’!” – D. Cambiotti, Coquitlam

“Deborah’s years of experience, skill and love for her work shine through whenever I walk into her beautiful studio. She is a gifted healer and I recommend her to anyone who is looking for an authentic healing experience.” – Cloe A. Vancouver

“Metropolitan Relation Studio is unique in its quality of customizing therapeutic sessions to your needs and requirements. Deborah can create an a experience made just for you. One session was customized for a more happier beneficial experience and after the session and all day long I felt very positive, happy and just more alive. Being a professional accountant and having clients in the Greater Vancouver Area and Cariboo Region I deal with a lot of travel and time restraints and Deborah knows how to make me feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated again. I highly recommend Metropolitan to anyone. Deborah and the rest of her staff is worth giving a try over and over again!” – Yvonne DeVeau CMA

“Namaste, Sue Inouye. Deb has created a sacred sanctuary in the midst of the city. From the moment you walk through the front door, you are greeted with sincere warmth and hospitality that is unsurpassed. The senses are filled with serenity through wonderful aromas, warm soothing music, and a visual presence of peace and tranquillity. It is the perfect way to rest and rejuvenate so you can do whatever it is that you do, but even better.” – Jennifer

“Deborah is one of the most talented people I have ever met. I love the (Shirodhara) massage. It is so relaxing. The “after” benefits are amazing as well. I felt so stress free. I especially like all the wonderful aromatherapy smells in Metropolitan’s studio. It is clean and fresh. If you have not had a massage I would highly recommend booking one. Once you have had one you will go back for more.” – Rowena List, Professional Organizer and Speaker Vancouver BC

“Deb is a masterful practitioner! I have been a client for the past eight years and experienced many of the wonderful services she offers. My personal favourite is the Chakra Balancing massage – an exquisite massage and essential oil experience. You leave her studio a changed person, relaxed doesn’t begin to describe how great you will feel. Thank you Deb!” – Ally, Vancouver BC

“The lymphatic drainage massages I have received from Metropolitan Aromatherapy are the absolute best I’ve ever experienced in technique, information, and post massage dietary instruction. They even gave me a complimentary specially blended tea to take home to help my system achieve optimal results. The massages have been extremely effective in reviving my body to eliminate toxins and I’m much healthier for it.” – Jordana B, Vancouver BC

“I am writing to express my gratitude and thanks for the massage courses I have completed with you. I really appreciate your personalized and one-on-one teaching; also, your patience, and the knowledge that you have shared. I have learned so much more than just the intended course work. Thank-you also for creating an environment for learning that inspires excitement about the skills to be learned and a confidence to then perform the learned skills.” Laura Moffatt, Massage Practitioner

“I had an amazing unexpected experience today. I booked a massage in Vancouver at the Metropolitan Relaxation Studio and I received more relaxation and peace of mind than I have ever had at any Vancouver Spa. I had a lymphatic drainage and bodywrap. My body felt like it was being cared for in all ways. It felt like the massage bodyworker was doing intuitive counselling for my body knowing everything that needed doing without me having to talk. We could only be so lucky to have Metropolitan available in our city to massage vancouver and make our lives easier.
It took me a bit longer to get into an appointment but once I did I quickly realized why. Between the gorgeous private setting (unheard of!!) and the quality experience I had I can say it was well worth the wait!!” – Atoya M

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