Deborah Drummond has been in the Holistic field of health-care since the late 1980′s. Her extensive desire to work with people with regard to the mind, body and spirit philosophy, has led her into the work she is now accomplishing. Deborah holds certification in Aromatherapy from Beginners to Advanced, and covers specific areas such as cancer, AIDS, the immune system and the internal organs. She also holds certification in the many modalities of massage, including Holistic Bodywork, Lymphatic Drainage, Chakra and Infant Massage. She has personally worked on over 30,000 clients in the area of massage.  Deborah has studied and been certified in many levels of Ayurvedic medicine.

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Lymphatic Drainage
Lymphatic DrainageThis is definitely the massage you want to do for your clients that need rejuvenation and energy. This massage cleans out the lymphatic system therefore cleansing the body of toxins and built up residue. This is a perfect massage to offer alongside a cleanse or before your client does a cleanse. As well, it is an effective treatment for clients who want to lose weight or who have edema. The lymph system is imperative to activate on a regular basis for a strong immune system and to maintain proper weight and inner strength. In this class you will learn the function of the lymph system and a full body lymphatic drainage treatment. You will also learn how to use aromatherapy to aid you in getting the best results from your sessions.
  • Cost: $465 per person [for personal knowledge only]
    • Cost: $765 per person [for practitioner/certificate]

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Aromatherapy Classic Massage Class
In this workshop you will learn a detailed full 2-1/2 hour body massage treatment. This treatment is the massage that started this company going over twenty years ago and continues to be the favorite choice of all our regular clients. You will learn how to massage the body from head to toe, front and back. You will learn many different massage techniques combined together to put your clients into a state of bliss. These techniques are from Swedish, Reflexology, Ayurvedic, Aromatherapy and Cross Fibre treatments. You will also learn aromatherapy as it applies to the body treatments and the needs of your clients. You will have a great understanding of the fundamentals of how aromatherapy works, safety information, and much more. You will also learn about marketing yourself in the field if you are taking this class to start a new career. Also included in the class is learning to do aromatherapy clay pack facials, body wraps, salt glows, and gorgeous aromatherapy foot treatments for spa settings.
Private Classes: These dates are based on the availability of the students. One of the benefits of taking private classes is that you can pick the dates based on your own schedule. Classes are available now.
  • Cost: $2995 per person [certificate included upon completion]

Chair Massage
What a great way to give relief to sore muscles or some needed relaxation in a hurry. Learn the great benefits of chair massage in this easy to study chair massage course. Chair massage is a great tool to have in your back pocket –  you can offer your services to corporations by going into their offices or offering chair massage at their special events and tradeshows. You can also book yourself into tradeshows and do chair massage there as well. In this class you will learn a full body chair massage as well as how to modify it for a 5, 10 and 15 minute session. For those that are going to be going into business for themselves we will talk about marketing as well.
  • Cost: $365 per person [certificate included upon completion]

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Chakra Massage Class
This is one of our most popular massage treatments that we offer at the relaxation studio. This massage leaves your clients feeling balanced and more able to easily flow with life. It is a fabulous treatment to do for your clients when they need direction, clarity, flow, ease, or energy. This massage makes you feel aligned and centered. In this class we will review the chakra system and what essential oils relate to each chakra, you will learn where the chakras are in the body, how to sense them and how to bring each chakra into balance through massage.
  • Cost: $465 per person [for personal knowledge only]
  • Cost: $765 per person [for practitioner/certificate]

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Couples Massage Course
Come to this fabulous lecture and workshop to learn how to do simple massage techniques that will reduce stress and increase relaxation. In this massage class, you will learn how to work on specific areas of the body for optimum health and maximum relaxation. This is a great class to take as a couple so that you have a friend to use the massage techniques with. This class is hands-on and you will use specific techniques within the workshop that you will be able to take home and use right away. It is a fun and relaxed environment where it is easy to learn a great skill to have.
  • Cost: $365 per couple for private class

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Infant Massage Course
What a beautiful treatment to learn. This wonderful infant massage is originated from a style that comes from India. Massaging babies helps to increase neurological function as well as to increase babies’ weight and builds a lifetime of bonding. In this class you will be taught a whole baby body massage session for babies and adaptation for when they grow up and become children.
  • Cost: $115 per person for groups of 6 or more   $365 private class  [2 hour sessions]

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Marketing for the Holistic Practitioner
This class is dynamic and full of ideas and contacts that you never thought possible. If you are looking for new ways to market yourself and stay in business then this is the class for you. Beat the odds and statistics that say that 80% of businesses close down in 2 years, and the remaining usually close within five years of opening. Deborah Drummond who will be teaching this class, has had her business running for over 27 years in all sorts of economic times. Be inspired to continue to do what you do and learn how to stay in business while you do it.
  • Cost: $265 per person  [2hr session]     $565 private class  [3hr session]

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Spa Treatment Massage Class
In this half day course, experience and learn a variety of in demand spa treatments. You will learn Aromatherapy facial treatments with a variety of different face masks, depending on skin types. Reflexology aromatherapy foot treatments with all the spa features will also be taught. For the whole body treatments you will learn full body wraps and salt glows.
  • Cost: $465 per person (receive many treatments on yourself as part of the course)
    [certificate included upon completion]

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