intuitive counseling

Reiki Treatment

reiki-thumbReiki Treatment


Reiki is an ancient form of hands-on healing that was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan.  Reiki is the Japanese word for  Universal Life Force Energy.  It is very effective for stress relief & deep relaxation, balances energy, pain relief, calming the mind, peacefulness, more energy and vitality, self-awareness.  Also helps release emotions and increases creativity.

1hr $110, 1-1/2hr $153, 2hr $195

Chakra Balancing

chakra-balancingChakra Balancing


This treatment is for those that are looking for clarity, feelings of freedom and flow in all areas of your life. This is a balancing of the 7 chakras. The chakras will be cleared and cleaned and your vibration in these chakras will be activated to release the things that weigh you down and make you feel lighter and refreshed with activating new and help you bring in what you really want to attract. This session is done in a relaxing environment with candles, aromatherapy and meditation music. This session is recommended if possible to be booked in 1.5 hour increments. This will allow the practitioner to share more of the intuitive insights to you that they received from each chakra.

1hr $165, 1.5 hr $225, 2hr $280



Aura Clearings


Most people do not realize that they carry a lot of unwanted energy and“stuff” in the aura. Most commonly you will hear people say things like he has baggage or she has baggage and what they mean is that the person they are talking about has beliefs or behaviours that they do/ have that do not serve that person well. We all have unwanted baggage whether we see/ feel it or not. Sometimes we can notice it more than  others. Much of that baggage or stuff is things that are caught up in our auric field. It is an amazing feeling of clarity and freedom to have our aura cleared. Its like the feeling of having your whole house clean and organized. Its

an energetic experience that leaves you feeling open, clear and mor able to achieve and manifest what you are wanting to have/ live. This is a great treatment to do as well if you have any health issues or concerns.

$165.00 per hour $248.00 for 1.5 hours

Physical Intuitive Services

intuitive-thumbPhysical Intuitive Services


When dealing with a health concern we seldom think of trying to get to the spiritual reason/ cause of why that health issue is with us. We are a three folded body and being able to tap into to what the emotional and spiritual issues around a health issue can be very ground breaking and comforting. The physical issue, even though it can be does not have to be a major health issue. We can tap into things such as re-occurring colds, respiratory issues, release old held back emotions from previous injuries or scars from surgery. In this session you will be relaxing on a massage table with candles, relaxation music and aromatherapy. Your practitioner will clear what is there to clear and share insights of what they are seeing or receiving for you. 

Cost $165.00 per hour, $248.00 for 1.5 hours


Intuitive Channeled Clearings

Intuitive Channeled Clearings


This session is powerful in creating change and clarity. A channeled talking session allows Deborah to get to the core of issues that are keeping one from reaching their next level of freedom and greatness. The insight that you receive from this session will profoundly assist you in all of your goals. Deborah will channel information for as many issues that you want to cover, not just one. This reading is ultimately as complete as you want to make it. You’ll leave feeling free and supported. She can really help.

1hr $185 (Required min 2 hour booking)

Psychic Channelled Body Readings

psychic-channeled-bodyPsychic Channelled Body Readings


An intuitive scan of the physical body and its energy field with the assistance of Angels and Guides.  This treatment begins with deep breaths to help the client relax,clear the mind and let go. The practitioner will then channel and bring forth information and guidance relating to health and wellbeing. This treatment scans the energy field & allows the body to communicate what is happening physically, mentally and emotionally. This treatment is very intuitive, the practitioner will clear blocked energy and  balance chakras.


1hr $185 (Required min 2 hour booking)


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